Aarav Little Help a charity in the memory of a three year old little boy full of life, energy and happiness.

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Christmas Gifts this year for ward 84 children

First of all thanks to everyone who attended ‘Aarav’s Little Help’s Family Fun Day event on 14th Nov 2015 in Bolton. We would also like to thanks all the people who contributed towards Raffle/Tombola Prizes and all our volunteers who […]

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Posted By: | Date: November 19th, 2015

List of Raffle Prizes (Family Fun Day Event)

This is the list of all the wonderful prizes for Aarav’s Little Help’s family fun day.. the event is taking place on 14/11/2015 at St. Gregory’s Club, Shurch Street, Farnwoth, Bolton (12 to 5 pm). Top Raffle Prizes for Aarav’s […]

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Posted By: | Date: November 5th, 2015

Aarav’s Little Help’s Family Fun Day Event

‘Aarav’s Little Help’ charity has organised a Family Fun Day event in Farnworth Bolton. All are welcome to come and join us on 14/11/2015 for a family fun day filled with lots of fun activities and games for everyone! there […]

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Posted By: | Date: October 15th, 2015

Aarav's Life

Aarav! a three year old little boy; full of life, energy and happiness. Perhaps youngest and biggest fan of Geremy Clarkson and his T.V show 'Top Gear'. He also liked Richard Hammond and Garry Hunter from 'Top Gear'. He was obsessed with cars and had huge collection of cars! He even used to sleep holding two little cars in both of his hands.

Mission Statement

Aarav’s Little Help is a small effort to help young children who are terminally ill and to support their families. We always try to put smile on the faces of these special little people, who are so brave. As a parent, the fact that your child has been diagnosed with a life threatening disease is one of the worst situations you can be faced with. Unfortunately many parents find themselves in this sad and difficult situation and their lives change forever.

About Liver Tumours

This information is about liver tumours in children. Liver cancer can be either primary or secondary. Primary liver cancers start in the liver, and secondary liver cancers have spread into the liver from a different part of the body. This information is about primary liver cancer in children.